LifePoint works with you to develop:

Consistent cash flow
Effective Monthly Marketing
Leadership Development
Process Improvement

We work with small business owners who have a big vision and are ready to achieve it.

LifePoint Strategies has decades of experience working with business owners, teams, and leaders.


Our focus is on your financial, marketing, leadership, and operational systems and moving your business to peak performance

Building and running a successful business is akin to climbing a mountain. After much planning (climbing) you reach a summit. From there you can look back at all the hard work you have put in which got you there. AND you can look forward to new challenges.

Summit 1

Creating Your Organization through LifePoint Business Growth System

Our flagship program, LifePoint Business Growth System, takes you through setting up a strong company foundation. Through this program you create the efficiencies needed to build a solid business: cash flow, monthly marketing plan, develop yourself as a leader, and put systems in place..

When you complete the LifePoint Business Growth System with your Certified Strategist, you walk away with your:

  • Profit Map: You define your company’s organization, management, and leadership. What milestones do you want to accomplish? What patterns must you implement to attain your ultimate vision?
  • The LifePoint Chart: Your big why, your passion for life and business. When you know your point in life, who you really are, and how you serve the world, you are better equipped to lead your business.
  • Strategic Plan: Defining your Mission, Vision, Values, and Key Objectives serve as the cornerstone for achieving your vision. Add measurable quarterly goals and you are well on your way to a successful year.
  • Perfect Week: When you know where you and your team make the business the most money, you can identify your perfect week. Along with remembering your LifePoint goals, your why, you create the perfect dynamic between work and play balance.
    • Cash Flow Plan based on your Monthly Income Goals is created.
      • It maps out what you have to do every week in order to earn the money you want to make.
      • It also defines your Perfect Day which sets you up for success.
  • BaseCamp Calendars: How do you know where the highest ROI is for your marketing plan? Are you actually doing what you said you would do for marketing? The BaseCamp Calendars ensure you see the direct correlation between what you do and your bottom line.
    • A Monthly Marketing Strategy is created based on your unique strengths, your ideal demographic and how many clients you need to have to achieve your Monthly Income Goals.
  • Leadership Development: “What got you here, won’t get you there!” A custom Leadership Learning Agenda is developed. Systematically you will learn the qualities of a leader that will take you and your business where you ultimately want to go.
  • Process Improvement: Knowing the big picture enables us to come alongside you and your business to create processes and systems that will stream line everything that you do. Saving precious time and money is the result of a well-oiled machine.

When you conquer these, you have climbed to Summit 1. The view from here is amazing! But, you also see Summits 2 and 3…


Summit 2

Management Growth

Continuing to grow your business requires hiring the right team and optimizing productivity. In turn, your business cash flow increases, marketing expands, you may turn over some of your responsibilities to others, and more systems are created. Your team needs to know what to do and when to do it.

The spectacular view on Summit 2 is not to be missed! Watching your business grow, being able to adjust to changing needs, and seeing your team expanding their skills which benefits your business, warms your soul. Yet, what about the far, far, distant future, where you have more freedom, Summit 3…


Summit 3

Leadership and Your Future Organization Your freedom is achieved in Summit 3

Ultimately, whether you sell your business, turn it over to a family member, or set it up so you can come and go as you please, you want it to continue to make money. We lead and guide you through what it takes to get it there. Once there, you have conquered Summit 3 and are standing at the top of the mountain!

Depending on your business and where you currently are in the business development cycle, we design the right program for you to achieve your ultimate vision … faster.

Every business owner works hard.

Allow us to partner with you to achieve your ultimate vision ... faster.

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