Since 2007 LifePoint Strategies has been partnering with Colorado business owners to achieve their ultimate vision … faster.

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Where Do I Start?

Step 1: Meet with a LifePoint Strategist

Get Started

Meet with a LifePoint Strategist

Let’s meet and discuss your business!

During this free 1-hour meeting, we listen and learn about your business and where you want to take it. We take you through our free business assessment which reveals your leadership strengths and weaknesses in 7 key areas. In addition, we help you identify big deal projects that could earn you more money and create more opportunities.

This meeting is an opportunity to see if we would like to continue to work together. Consider it a reciprocal interview.

Set a Plan, Then Work it

This is the fun part! Let’s dream big!

During our twice a month meetings, we work together to create your Ultimate Vision using LifePoint’s Business Growth System. We establish your 1 Year Strategic Plan and your 3 month goals based on your unique leadership style and strengths.

Through our guidance and support, tasks are identified which lead you to your goals, strategic plan, and Ultimate Vision. Together, we address and create plans for cash flow, marketing, leadership development, process improvement, and other areas of your business.

The initial commitment is 3-months of twice a month meetings. After which you can choose to continue working with a Strategist to grow and enhance your business and as an accountability partner. Continuing to work with a Strategist ensures that you stay on track and achieve your ultimate vision … faster.

Step 3: Working the Plan
Step 2: Setting a Plan

Management Growth

Let’s Get the Team Together!

Once your business is running smoothly with cash flow, marketing/sales, processes, and leadership, we can move to the next level of business strategy – Management.

This is where we dive into the long term management of your smoothly run business. We work with you to create a cohesive team that continues the forward progress, set goals, and expands your company. You are able to focus on achieving your vision.

Your business changes over time. We partner with you to achieve your ultimate vision faster. Our business owners typically work with us for 6 months to 6 years!



Your Future Organization

Wow! I’m Living My Vision!

Your business has the tools, processes, and people in place to achieve and you are living your vision.

Where would you like to go from here? Would you like to travel, volunteer, eventually turn your business over to a loved one, or sell it to someone else? Let us guide you through what it takes to get there.

Your Future Organization

Every business owner works hard.

Allow us to partner with you to achieve your ultimate vision ... faster.

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