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Discover Your Unique S.H.A.P.E.

We developed a process that helps solve these problems and provides you the tools you need to discover your Unique “S.H.A.P.E.” and to help you better understand how to move forward in your business and in your life so that you lead a business and a life that you truly want.

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5 Ways to Improve Leadership Skills

Since founding LifePoint Strategies a number of years ago, I’ve been fortunate to have helped many of Colorado's business owners grow their businesses. One thing I’ve learned is that the pain points are pretty much the same for just about everyone, and whether you are...

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The Profits are in Your People

As a small business owner, you are a master of what service you provide or what product you sell.  Rarely do small business owners go into business with the desire to manage people.  Creating an engaged culture, while a nice thought, is not always top of mind when managing the day to day tyranny of the urgent. 

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 Does Your Business Need a Yearly Physical?

We all know how important it is to be proactive with our health by having a yearly physical.  Although there may still be challenges with our health (think Bob Harper’s recent heart attack), the chances are greatly diminished if we get a checkup. 

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The Power of the Perfect Week!

In order to overcome what gets in your way, we focus on what we do want. The key here is focus and intentionality. Most business owners have great ideas. It is our ability to concentrate and prioritize on the most important tasks that allows us to achieve our vision faster.

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What Makes A Good Leader?

“Good Leaders…”  What is a good leader?  And more importantly, how do we learn how to apply what they do to our businesses and lives?

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Do You Have a Business Budget?

Many small business owners believe in the lie that your money controls you when in truth we tell our money where to go and what to do. Once we get this into our heads and into our daily behaviors we look at money much differently. Creating a business budget is one of...

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