Do you want a business that can run without you?

That’s exactly what we deliver.

Business Owners call us when:

They want a business that can run without them, but they either can’t figure out the steps to make it happen or they just don’t have the time.

They are no longer willing to accept their current level of income and they are ready to shift their approach to earning more.

Frustration with their team’s lack of accountability and unresolved conflict has reached its limit.

Their systems are rough around the edges and need fine tuning to ensure high productivity and consistency.

Maximized Profit


The owner of one of the nations top dog training companies was frustrated with her personal income and with her team’s leadership.


Financial analysis, implementation of the The Confident Leader Program, and consistent accountability to processes. 



An increase of $45K/Month in net revenue.


Owners personal income increase of 300%.


Management team taking more responsibility and the owner has more time to focus on her strengths.

More dogs are living in forever homes.

Confident Leaders


3 key leaders of a non-profit were retiring, including the Executive Director.  The 100+ employees were scared.


We created a 3-year strategic plan, including a succession plan for the E.D.

Established a new management team with a meeting cadence.



The strategic plan that includes an increase in revenue of 100% over the next 3 years, is successfully being implemented.


The Executive Director has successfully transitioned out and the Management Team is self leading.

More disabled & homeless people are employed and have a place to live.

Increased Productivity


A plumbing company was bleeding money to the extent that the owner had to cash in personal assets to keep the business afloat.


Analysis of financial statements, leadership and marketing strategy.  

Implemented a new marketing and call center strategy.  Trained leadership on effective communication.



Revenue increased by $30K/Month.


Employees feel more valued & stayed longer.


The new leadership team implemented a weekly goal-oriented huddle.

More customers have toilets that are flushing properly.

Organizations Impacted

Small to Medium
For-Profit and Non-Profit

Industry Experience

Since 2007, We’ve Delivered Results

Revenue Increase in top line averages 30 - 45% within 6-9 Months.

200 Teams that are results oriented and understand the why.

Optimized Systems in over 75 businesses.

12 years of experience, so you can come and go and live your ideal life.

How Businesses Work With LifePoint

Discovery Phase

Owner & Team Interview

Financial Analysis

Leadership Assessment


Strategy Day

Clarify Mission/Vision

1-year Strategic plan

Prioritize goals

Map out a plan

Implementation Phase

Maximized Profit

Confident Leaders

Increased Productivity

“Working with LifePoint Strategies helped me set and achieve goals for my business AND life, and it has been truly transformational. I am living a life of joy rather than a life filled with stress and constant focus on checking items off my never-ending list.”

Jami Fassett

Owner, Up and Up Creative

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