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Everything we do is driven by strategic thinking to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. We provide intelligent business guidance; therefore, we call ourselves advisors.

Terri Starck, Owner and Business Strategist
Terri’s clients are adventurers and entrepreneurs who live their lives in fast-paced, competitive environments. Terri enters the picture at any point in a client’s journey and works alongside an individual or group to help them achieve their goals.

She does this by listening, asking questions, and by providing a structured approach to identifying leadership skills and weaknesses, building a step-by-step plan to carry them through a year, and pinpointing ROI-driven marketing strategies and a financial management plan.

Terri has a diverse background including computer training, programming, and volunteer leadership. Terri started her first business shortly after graduating from college. She developed a passion for training, project management, and process improvement and saved business owners countless hours. She knew then that helping others find their unique purpose was her ideal career.

Terri has worked with over 200 clients including national hardware retailers, franchises, plumbing businesses, political consultants, marketing professionals, real estate brokers, website developers, chiropractors and accountants. Through productive, in-person meetings, Terri advises clients and supports them through self-discovery, leadership development, process improvement, enhanced time and money management, and thoughtful strategic planning.

Terri has also written a training manual to encourage business owners to live life with a point. The LifePoint Strategy book compliments planning sessions so that LifePoint Strategists can help clients know who they uniquely are (their why), where they want to go (their strategic plan), and how to get there (the implementation of the plan).

Terri enjoys spending time with her husband of over 30 years, Brian, and their children and grandchildren. They enjoy trying different restaurants, traveling, watching the Broncos, and hiking.

Celeste O'Brien, Business Strategist

Celeste O’Brien is the co-founder and owner of Symmetry360 Massage, entrepreneurial business strategist, and published author. Her company now has over 50 employees, and one million dollars in sales annually. Her story and experiences gives her the insight to help guide aspiring entrepreneurs to their dreams. Her personal mission and purpose is to help uplift others, encouraging them to believe that they can have their dream regardless of where they came from. You can find Celeste outdoors most of the year running the beautiful trails of Colorado. She lives for family, friends, and adventure to her that is the good life.

Celeste’s areas of expertise include; Health and Wellness center, Yoga and Fitness instructors, Massage Therapist, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Fitness Centers. Her strengths include; developing strong company cultures and effective leadership teams and scaling businesses. She is also passionate about guiding new entrepreneurs as they launch their business.

“Life isn’t about avoiding risks. It’s about believing in what you can do and going all in with the people that you love.” Celeste O’Brien

Sherri Kiarsis, Web Developer and SEO Specialist

Sherri Kiarsis is a web developer with over 22 years experience in web design, development, and UX/UI (user experience and user interface design). She has built hundreds of websites and interviewed and observed people interacting with websites and technology throughout her career. Sherri is passionate about taking a mediocre website and transforming it into a great online experience that delights users and helps convert visitors to customers.

Sherri is well-versed in web standards and best practices and she believes providing a friendly, easy-to-use online experience is not hard to accomplish when you understand how people use the web. She is dedicated to her clients, enjoys collaborating with others and believes having a great website is an integral part of your marketing and strategic planning.

Matt Buria

Numbers are hard. Numbers speak a different language and the true story of your company is told in that language. They are deceptive. They can trick you into a false sense of security or can paint a picture of doom with no way out. From all of that chaos – Matt can be your translator and give you the power to control what story your company is telling.

Become a Strategist

Make a difference, every single day.

We are committed to helping business owners live the life they are born to lead. If you are energized by this vision and share our core beliefs, you might be a great fit for our team.

Become a licensed LifePoint Strategist to get all the training and tools you need, and enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a team with all the benefits of being your own boss.

What makes a great LifePoint Strategist?


You mean it when you say you want to help your clients, and you always have their best interest at heart.


You are persistent, comfortable holding others accountable, and can gently push back when needed.


You are able to read between the lines to uncover the real issues, and enjoy coming up with creative solutions.


You can be counted on, are always prepared and provide stability in keeping your clients focused.


You have a joyful outlook and believe in the best of people. You are positive and able to energize others.


You are passionate about what we’re doing and not afraid to put in the work to lead the life you want.

Enjoy these benefits

Work/Life Balance

You can have it all – make your family a priority and make the money you need to live the life you enjoy.

Business Development Support

You won’t have to find all of your own clients. Get qualified leads from the team.

Proven System

You won’t have to start from scratch. You’ll be trained and given the tools to advise your clients with confidence.


Share and hear what others are going through. Learn by being a part of our community of LifePoint Strategists.


Enjoy the independence that comes with being your own boss and making your own schedule.


Have your own LifePoint Strategist to help you achieve your ideal business and life.

Talk to us to learn more about becoming a LifePoint Strategist.

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