LifePoint Strategies is focused on your business growth and achieving your Ultimate Vision, faster. The investment you make with LifePoint Strategies now, serves you and your customers far into the future.

Our regular meetings with you are conducted in person, face-to-face, and 90 minutes long. This provides time for us to work together, address issues, make plans, and execute action items for the success of your business.


Our flagship program, LifePoint’s Business Growth System, is in this category. The meetings are focused on your business, where you are at and where you want to take your business. We meet with you twice a month for an hour and a half (each meeting) at your office. If you prefer, we can meet occasionally by phone.

Before working together, a free business assessment is conducted. During this free 1-hour meeting, we listen and learn about your business and where you want to take it. This free assessment reveals your leadership strengths and weaknesses in 7 key areas. In addition, we help you identify big deal projects that could earn you more money and create more opportunities.

This meeting is an opportunity to see if we would like to continue to work together. Consider it a reciprocal interview. If we choose to work together, an initial three-month commitment is required.

TEAM WORK $1,000 per month

Team Sessions and Meeting Facilitation 

Whether it is the Management team, the entire team, or a department that wants to meet and create a strategic plan, or to work through a specific issue, we can successfully lead the team through it.

FACILITATION $400 – $2,000 per event

Large Team and Meeting Events 

We create exciting activities and memorable experiences that moves you and your team to the next level. Customized training and event facilitation is included.

HIRING TOOLS- $500-$750

We believe that having the right people on your team, doing the right things is one of the keys to success as you grow.  Many small business owners struggle to develop a job description, evaluate candidates in an objective way, perform a successful interview and successfully on-board a new employee.  Our Emergenetics Certified Strategist will lead you through this process using what we believe to be the best hiring tool on the market.

PROJECT WORK $100 per hour

If you are unable to complete a project, we can do it for you!

Every business owner works hard.

Allow us to partner with you to achieve your ultimate vision ... faster.

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