Terri Starck

My clients are adventurers. They are entrepreneurs who live their lives in fast-paced, competitive environments. It’s my privilege to come alongside them and serve them. I do this by listening, asking questions, and by providing a structured approach to:

  • Know who they are as a leader, strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a step by step 1 year plan to where they want to go
  • From a financial perspective, how to best use their time
  • Identify the marketing strategy with the highest ROI

As well as a BS in Business Management, I have a diverse background including computer training, programming, volunteer leadership and of course being an entrepreneur. I started my first business shortly after graduating from college where I automated business processes and saved business owners countless hours.  My heart is to pour value into every person I come in contact with in such a way they know they are valuable and what they do impacts the world.

I enjoy time with my family and friends hiking, biking, traveling and eating great food.

LifePoint Strategies Vision

Create communities of LifePoint Centers where dynamic business training and tools are used to lead small business owners and their teams to the Ultimate Vision they have always imagined.

LifePoint Strategies Mission

To pour life and value into every business owner, leader, and person we come in contact with in such a way that they live the life and lead the business they are already designed to lead.

What is the difference between a LifePoint Certified Strategist and a coach or a consultant?

  • A consultant is typically problem focused. They are there to correct a problem or weakness.
  • A coach promotes self-discovery. They work with individuals to help them grow professionally, individually, or in their knowledge.
  • A strategist helps organizations identify options and creates a plan.

Our LifePoint Certified Strategists think and work with the big picture – the whole business – conceptually and creatively. We think about the future of your company and what your vision is. We take your ultimate vision and work with you to define the path to accomplish it.

LifePoint Systems has a proven Business Growth System which accelerates achieving your vision faster.

Strategic Partners

Amy Goldsmith, AEG Design Company

The sole purpose of AEG Design Company is to bring beautiful, thoughtful design to small businesses all over the country. While food companies are our niche, we have worked with small businesses in various industries on many different projects, including logos, business cards, brochures, billboards, websites, social media skins, labels, packaging, and more!

Sherri Kiarsis, Sublime Creations

Sublime Creations specializes in website consultation, design and personalized training, content / copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), local & directory listings, web hosting and domain name registration.

Jami Fassett, Up and Up Creative

We are a small, Denver-based agency that specializes in helping nonprofits make a bigger impact and increase their fundraising potential by clarifying their messaging, increasing their awareness, and improving the perception of their professionalism and credibility. We do this through high-quality brand strategy, marketing and design.

Ian Campbell, Mission Suite

Mission Suite is a CRM and marketing automation platform that helps businesses use their sales time more effectively by automating a lot of the task based sales and marketing activities that tend to fall through the cracks. By not having to focus so much on follow up efforts, sales and marketing professionals are able to focus their time and attention where it should be – prospecting to fill the top of the funnel and closing new deals to bring in new revenue.

We combine sales management and tracking, email marketing and inbound marketing with powerful automation that is traditionally unavailable to small and mid-market businesses and make available at a fraction of the cost of just about every other system available today.

John McClure, beiNVENTiV

beiNVENTiV focuses on three key areas: IT Foundations, where we provide a full suite of outsourced IT services, from networking support to server maintenance to email configuration and desktop assistance; IT Platforms, where we design technical solutions using a wide range of technologies and process management to meet your particular business needs; Our Solutions, which are full solutions for cloud-based QuickBooks, and state-managed weatherization assistance programs.

Steven Sherman, Redpoint Financial Group

A full service CPA firm providing services such as: Start up and Business Formation, Business Consulting, Bookkeeping & PayrollTax preparation and planning, Outsourced Controller & CFO Advisory and assurance supporting all industries.

We aren’t just Number Crunchers. We were founded with the objective to provide exceptional client service and to bring added value to every engagement, whether big or small. Our team of professional consultants utilize their vast experience to provide the insight, vision, and execution necessary for businesses, and their owners, to budget and plan, reduce costs, manage their cash flow, and increase their profits.


Lidi Mocko, Mocko Consulting

Mocko Consulting offers a holistic, client-centric approach to business management software purchasing decisions and implementation.

Until a few years ago, small and mid-size businesses could not afford to purchase robust management software such as a CRM systems. The cost was prohibitive; beyond the initial investment in the software, internal IT staff was necessary for maintenance tasks. However, the landscape of software has changed significantly with the recent advancement of cloud solutions. Now there are multiple options available at a relatively low cost.

Elizabeth Carlson, Lighthouse Bookkeeping

Elizabeth Carlson has 25 years of experience as a full charge bookkeeper including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation and all financials. She has spent the bulk of her career managing, a locally run small business where she managed the financial side of the business as CFO.

Matt Buria, Rubix Consulting, LLC

Numbers are hard. Numbers speak a different language and the true story of your company is told in that language. They are deceptive. They can trick you into a false sense of security or can paint a picture of doom with no way out. From all of that chaos – Rubix can be your translator and give you the power to control what story your company is telling.

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